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Post and Panel Sign in Orlando, FL

Post and panel signs are some of the most common kinds of signs. From directional signage to real estate listings and site identification, post and panel signs are there to help. Business parks, plazas, hospitals, schools, and real estate developments use post and panel signage for excellent visibility.

What is a Post and Panel Sign?

Post and panel signs consist of two elements; the posts, usually two, and the panel, where the signage information is printed or displayed. Post and panel signs typically stand close to the ground, with little or no clearance between the lower edge of the panel and the ground. The post consists of a vertical beam or pole which supports the panel, which is the sign itself. The panel in the sign can be swapped out when you need to change or update the sign.

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Outdoor Post and Panel Signage

Types of Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs can be made from various materials, including aluminum, wood, medium-density overlay, foam core, or PVC. Paradise Signs and Graphics will happily assist you in choosing the best material for your post and panel sign depending on your specific needs and budget. Our Orlando team will also ensure that the sign has the right font, colors, and graphics to make the sign as eye-catching and visible as possible.

Uses for Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are commonly used as exterior signs, especially close to roadways and sidewalks. These signs are a great choice as permanent signage for parking lots, loading areas, emergency wards, plazas, and many more. They are best placed next to roadways and street corners and make an excellent choice for branding your business.
Post & Panel Sign
Custom Post and Panel Signs in Orlando, FL

What Is the Cost of Post and Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs are some of the most affordable signs available today. Their simplicity and ease of installation make them popular with businesses and organizations of all sizes. As with any signage, the cost of your post and panel sign will depend on the size and the complexity of the design and graphics. Our Orlando staff will happily assist you in selecting the best option for your commercial post & panel signs and offer a comprehensive quote.

Post and Panel Signs Near You

Paradise Signs and Graphics is a commercial sign company in Orlando. Our highly trained and experienced staff provide customer-focused service to businesses of all sizes. With expert design teams, we routinely deliver the best business signs made by the latest technology to companies from different industries and economic sectors.

If you are looking for custom post and panel signs for your Orlando business, contact us and our team will happily help you brand your business for success.