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Pylon Signs in Titusville, FL

Is your Titusville business located in a shopping center, mall, or airport? Or is it a fast food restaurant, supermarket, or gas station? Your best chance to increase visibility and traffic to your business is with pylon signs. Commercial pylon signs can be integral to your company’s outdoor signage program.

What is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are outdoor signs typically mounted on a single pole and sometimes between two or more poles, independent of any structure. Since they are easy to spot, pylon signs are an excellent technique for capturing your target audience’s attention. People will also often call pylon signs by other names such as, “road signs,” “highway signs,” and “free-standing signs.”

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Single-Pole Mount Pylon Sign

Uses for Pylon Signs

  • Pylons signs help give your business a respectable and professional appearance to stand the test of time.
  • They advertise brands, products, specialties, and services, thus attracting potential customers.
  • You can use pylon signage to your advantage as customers make quick and subconscious judgments about your business based on its first impression. 
  • Pylon signs promote your brand awareness and business reputation, serving you 24 hours a day, even when you are closed. 

Types of Pylon Signs

  • Custom Pylon Signs – We have pylon signage available in double or single-sided options and can craft signage in any shape, size, or color that you need. We can also customize it to single or double post, medium to large scale. That’s not all! We can fabricate it from steel and aluminum to develop numerous shapes, colors, and sizes with high-resolution graphics. 
  • Twin-Pole Mount Pylon Signs – A double pylon structure can offer better sign stability. They’re typically used for signs that need to house more than your standard pylon sign like you might see at a certain golden-arched fast food chain.
  • Single-Pole Mount Pylons – This is the more classic option for pylon signs. Most gas-station signage is a single-pole pylon, for instance.
  • Multi-Tenant Pylons – Dedicated multi-tenant pylons can be the gateway to your company and the first impression visitors have of your business when entering your plaza or office complex. They offer low maintenance exposure and high-impact visibility for your company. 
  • Directional Pylons – Directional pylons are free-standing pillar commercial signs that help your visitors navigate easily and reach their target destination.

Pylon Sign Installation in Titusville

We will design, manufacture and install pylon signs for your business that exceed your expectations. Our trained signage designers and installers will ensure your pylon sign makes your first impression a lasting one. Paradise Signs and Graphics offers custom-designed pylon signage services to ensure your sign stays within your budget.
Custom Pylon Pole Sign Titusville, FL
Multi-Tenant Pylon Sign

Pylon Signs Near You in Titusville

When it comes to pylon sign manufacturing in Titusville, Paradise Signs and Graphics Company sets the standard. We have a team of designers and specialists who have undergone extensive training. All our clients get a comprehensive sign experience.

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