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Hanging Signs Orlando, FL

What are hanging signs, and how can they help brand your Orlando business for greater visibility to customers? Hanging signs are signs that are suspended entirely from the underside of a canopy, awning, or marquee. 

There are many other ways of suspending a hanging sign. They include using a post with one or two arms to support the signage or a bracket attached to a post or wall. A hanging sign may be suspended over a walkway, street, or plaza for maximum visibility to customers.

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Types of Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are made from different materials and are generally used outside an office or storefront. Depending on the material and other customization, we have a wide selection of hanging signs for your business. Indoor hanging signs can be suspended inside your premises as ceiling hanging signs. Popular indoor signs include coroplast hanging signs made from extruded twin-wall polypropylene sheets. 

You can also opt for outdoor hanging signs made from other durable materials such as solid aluminum signs, High-Density-Urethane HDU hanging signs, or even wood hanging signs. Different variations include Dibond hanging signs made from two pieces of aluminum or PVC with a layer of polyethylene between them. Alumalite hanging signs are similar to Dibond signs but are made with a copolymer corrugated core. 

Other specifications include vinyl banner hanging signs, acrylic hanging signs, and PVC hanging signs, among many others. Hanging signs can also be lit with LED lights for greater visibility and branding.

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Uses for Hanging signs

Hanging signs have been used outdoors and in plazas for ages. Traditionally made as wood hanging signs, they are mounted perpendicular to the building, where they create maximum visibility to passers-by more than other signs displayed over a storefront entrance. 

Hanging signs are usually double-sided, which makes them visible from both directions of traffic flow. Aluminum hanging signs are also useful at road junctions, street corners, and other exposed areas due to their durability and resistance to corrosion and damage. 

The Cost of Custom Hanging Signage in Orlando

The cost of a hanging sign will vary greatly depending on the chosen materials, design complexity, and other customizable features such as LED lighting or engraved hanging signs. At Paradise Signs and Graphics, our staff are highly trained and experienced in creating just about any type and specification of hanging business signs you may require. Get in touch with us for a detailed consultation and personalized quote in Orlando, Space Coast, and surrounding areas with no fuss.
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Custom Hanging Sign Experts Near You

Paradise Signs and Graphics provides high-quality hanging signs in and around Orlando. We have highly trained staff at our Orlando location who will happily take your questions and walk you through every detail of the design, manufacture, and installation process.

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