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Ceiling signs are a great way to make your business stand out. They’re often used in retail and range in shapes, sizes, and styles. At Paradise Signs and Graphics, we specialize in making customized ceiling signs to guide your clients around your business.

What Are Ceiling signs?

Ceiling signs are a type of sign that hangs from the ceiling and directs customers to specific products or services. They are often made of metal, plastic, or glass. They may be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling by brackets or chains. Their purpose is to provide information about the location of an area within the structure, so people know where they’re going.

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Types of Various Ceiling signs

Ceiling signs come in different shapes and sizes, but there are three basic types: 

  • Aisle Signs – Aisle signs help customers find their way around your store or business. They’ll tell them where to go and what to do next to get where they need to go.
  • Wayfinding Ceiling Signs This sign helps visitors find their way around your business or store. They include arrows with directions to destinations such as restrooms, elevators, and stairs.
  • Drop Ceiling Signs – These signs are used in commercial settings like restaurants, retail stores, and more. They hang from the ceiling using suction cups or hooks and can be adjusted to change the direction of the arrow if needed.
  • Doorway/Entrance Signs – These signs indicate the location of an elevator, staircase, stairwells, restrooms, fire exits, and other areas people must pass through before entering another place within the structure.
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Uses Vs. Cost of Ceiling Signs in Orlando, Florida

Ceiling signs are a great way to define your space and increase traffic flow. They are easy to install and can be written in any color or size. The cost of installing them depends on your specifications. Our design experts at Paradise Signs and Graphics are available around the clock to take you through our design process and pricing.

Why Ceiling Signage and Graphics Important for Your Business

With the steady rise of the Orlando population, it can be challenging for your business to stand out among the rest. Luckily, ceiling signs can help you grab and retain that much-needed attention. Here are some ways your establishment can benefit from these signs:

  • They’re less expensive than wall-mounted signs, which means they’ll save you money while increasing your brand awareness.
  • They’re easy to install, so you won’t have to hire professionals or spend hours waiting for installation crews.
  • Because they’re so versatile, ceiling signs are available in various styles and sizes—from simple “room name” signs with no graphics to full-color graphics that add value and information about your business or organization’s mission or identity.

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Ceiling signs are an affordable alternative to wall-mounted signage and are an easy way to get your brand noticed. Hanging ceiling signs are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your visibility and create a sense of familiarity with your brand. So if you own a company or run a business in or around Orlando, you could leverage the numerous benefits of having professionally installed ceiling signs.

Reach out to Paradise Signs and Graphics today for affordable ceiling hanging signs, indoor hanging ceiling signs, ceiling signs & hanging wayfinding signs, and more.

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