Hospital Signs

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What Are Hospital Signs?

Healthcare facilities are busy areas constantly occupied by doctors, staff, patients, equipment, and visitors. Providing a seamless and hassle-free experience to people in hospitals can be challenging.

At Paradise Signs and Graphics, we understand that having clear and effective signage in this industry is very important. This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality and clear hospital signs that can help patients, visitors, and staff navigate easily through the complex infrastructure of a hospital. We design a variety of signs for hospitals, from medical signs to hospital wayfinding signage, and much more.

Different Types of Hospital Signs

Hospital Interior Signage

  • Office Nameplates: These signs display the names and titles of staff members. They are typically located outside office doors or in reception areas.
  • Room Number Signage: Hospital room number signs are necessary to identify patient rooms, offices, and other areas within the hospital.
  • Floor and Department Signage: These signs help visitors and staff navigate different floors and departments inside the hospital. They help ensure people can reach their destination quickly and easily.

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Exterior Hospital Signs

  • Exterior Signs: These signs display the hospital’s name and logo, creating a strong first impression and enhancing visibility from the street.
  • Exterior Signage Lighting: Lighting is essential for ensuring that exterior signs are visible and attractive, especially at night.
  • Monument Signage: This large, permanent sign is installed at a hospital’s entrance, welcoming visitors and providing directional information.
  • Parking Lot Signage: These signs help visitors navigate the parking lot safely and efficiently, reducing confusion and enhancing safety.


Healthcare Wayfinding Signs

  • Interactive Kiosks: Interactive kiosks provide detailed wayfinding information, including maps, directions, and points of interest, which enhances a visitor’s experience.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Mobile accessibility allows visitors to access wayfinding information on their smartphones, improving convenience.
  • Color-Coding and Visuals: Color-coded signs and visual cues help visitors navigate the hospital intuitively, reducing the need for written directions.
  • ADA Signage: ADA signage includes tactile and Braille signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring accessibility for all visitors.

Get High-Quality Hospital Signs from Paradise Signs and Graphics

Create a seamless and welcoming experience for your visitors, patients, and staff with high-quality hospital signs from Paradise Signs and Graphics.

Our skilled team of signage professionals designs a variety of clear and highly visible medical signs to enhance navigation and provide essential information to everyone. From office nameplates to patient room signs, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet all your medical signage requirements.