Maximize Your Business’s Visibility with Dynamic Outdoor Signs in Titusville

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Did you know that 35% of passersby have reported that they didn’t know a business was present because there was no sign (Gaille, 2017)? This shows how important having outdoor signage is for a business!

To ensure that individuals walking by see your signage, it is imperative to make it visible from near and far. However, making it visible can mean several different things, so you can take your pick of what feature you’re going to alter to make sure people walk by and must look at your Titusville outdoor signs.

The following are a variety of ways that you can make your outdoor signage more visible, and thus ensure that potential customers see it as they travel past.

Size Does Matter

If your commercial outdoor signage is not big enough, there is a lower chance that it will be seen by individuals. Choosing a large sign increases the number of opportunities someone has of seeing your sign and being compelled to act upon it, or, at the very least, remember it when they see it again.
Sign options such as pylon signs or monument signs are all large in size, which ups the visibility of the signage. At the end of the day, the bigger the sign, the more eyes will be drawn to it.

Light It Up

Want to make sure your outdoor signage for your business can be seen at all hours of the day? Adding light to your sign will ensure that regardless of the lighting conditions, people will be able to clearly see your sign. If your business is open late at night or in a high-traffic area, illumination is an excellent way to increase your sign’s visibility and attract more potential customers.

Use Unique Materials

Visibility isn’t always about physically being able to see a sign, but it can also be about what garners peoples’ attention and draws them to your business. Using creative, non-traditional materials can achieve this! For example, adding illumination to a metal sign is an excellent way to give your business a modern, chic appearance that piques the interest of customers.

Placement is Everything

Where you place your sign is essential for its visibility. If it’s low to the ground in a high-traffic area, there is a large chance that it will be blocked by people. In this case, a hanging sign or a pole-mounted banner would be an excellent option to garner attention in an unobstructed way.
Similarly, the location of signs is also important, as it dictates how easily a sign can be seen. People will not go out of their way to find a business, so it is essential for the business to make it as easy as possible to see. Some perfect examples of visible commercial outdoor signage are a pylon sign on the side of a highway, a ceiling sign for a business in an outdoor strip mall, or an illuminated storefront sign along a busy downtown street.

If you’re looking for an outdoor sign company near you, you’re in luck. Paradise Signs and Graphics is known for delivering high-quality, captivating outdoor signs that demand attention. We are ready to get started today if you are. Let’s book your free consultation!


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